dimanche, mars 04, 2007

Dark Ages? Saith Who?

Alas, mesemeth that this shewe of television may nat be worth an hogges toord. For what was the derknesse but the lack of lerninge in Latin, and the gret werres and disastres? And lo, even in this tyme in which we think owerselves to be modern, ther beth but litel lerninge (long it hath been sith an Austyn or a Bonaventure walked among us) and ther beth manye werres, swich as the gret werre bitwene Fraunce and Engelonde that mesemeth shal enduren for C yeeres or moore. If thos ages were derke, then oweres are derke als wel, and yet ich kan see clearly. Wel, actuallye ich haue astigmatism and haue to squint to see who maye be coming up my driueway, but ye get my poynte.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Hwaet?! Ic thoght me Þaet no churl ne no ill ytaught elf-shot thrall believed Þis s*$t ony more. Ic nam ne happy. Nat at all!

dimanche, 04 mars, 2007  
Blogger Merouda said...

Vnto Geoffry Chaucer comes greetings from Merouda Pendray. I commend me vnto you 7 pray yt all within your compass be to yowr good. I have received of you yse missives many times, though you know it not, 7 wish to tell you of my enioyment. Your writings are far superior to mine own poor efforts, 7 it gives me grete pleasure to read ym, 7 I found ys letter most especially amusing. I remain a humble servant, Merouda Pendray.

dimanche, 04 mars, 2007  
Anonymous meg said...

Blam hit on Petrark, lyke unto alles anderes thynges.

dimanche, 04 mars, 2007  
Blogger HeoCwaeth said...

O! For swyve's sake!

dimanche, 04 mars, 2007  
Blogger FSJL said...

This age bin darke indede, but meheereth that the hithene folke of Cathay an newe kinde of lighte inuented haue.

lundi, 05 mars, 2007  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

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vendredi, 30 novembre, 2007  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

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