mercredi, mai 09, 2007

Sir John in Kalamazoo!

Benedicitee, good readers alle! I, Sir John Mandeville, have passed the see and arrived in Kalamazoo! If it pleseth yow, fynde below the verray true ymages of myne journee to Kalamazoo!

Y did ryde a thyng marvellous and straunge--an yron hors, or so yt ys yclept. But methynketh yt was nat ryght horsly, thys yron hors.

Canst thow gesse whych room ys myne? Onse, whan that Y was mys-taken for thatte rogue Marco Polo I was putte ynto a prisoun in Turkeye. Yt was about the same as my board here in Kalamazoo.

Methought it goode to welcome my-selfe to Kalamazoo with a potent potable.

I schal be seen to-morrowe atte wyne houre; I hope to meet all and sundry!

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richard, second of that name, kyng a dit…

Sire Jonh, drinke nat too mvche wyn, and recollect thyself that thov art our embassadovr especialle vnto the hethene folke of Kalamazoo.

Mother Laura a dit…

Y was miraculously delivered of the board of Kalamazoo when my iron bird was overfull. So this night I do lodge at the Inn of Holy Day in Cincinnati. Mayhap we will meet on the morrow at wine houre.

Anonyme a dit…

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Oscar Alex Gilchrist a dit…

Min fæder hatte Bruce biddeth thee bon vacances yn Kalamazoo. Myghte thine hedde claketh with outragge aventours and manye and manlye success in deliverie of thine conference dialogue and assayes in picke-uppe.

Anonyme a dit…

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Niall Mor a dit…

Sir John,

Y am putte in minde of an ancient lay by thatte poette of high sentence hight Glen Miller. Thys lay begynneth thus:

"Ich got a gal in Kalamazoo."

Hast thou a gal in Kalamazoo?

ShhDragon a dit…

Sir John,
Yt ys a shame that thov was nat able to makke yt to the psevdo-socyty at Kalamazoo... Chavcer is lyving yn the boddy of Brvce Spryngstein, and Chavcer hath a blogge!

Anonyme a dit…


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Geoffrey Chaucer a dit…

Sire John, ye haue been offered a "handy-angebote." Certes this must be a devyce of wondrous vertu. Ich wolde fayne heere yower discourse concerning the angebote the which is so hende. And eek, make ye mencioun of thys Viet Nam in yower book?

Le Vostre

Mangonel a dit…

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Lirazel a dit…

Ich knoweth naught anent features of thys "blogge-spotte", but in mine Journal de vie ich can cause the removal of swiche comments as these and marke them as "spamme" for further enquirie and discipline of theyer makeris by ye Admins. Ich much misdoubt but that "blogge-spotte" hath a feature of the same.

Anonyme a dit…

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Lucy a dit…

Dear Sir John,

Through a cocked up medical procedure, i was in rather serious levels of pain for about 5 days recently. On the third day, I became delirious from it and became convinced that I was Sir John Mandeville and that someone had sabotaged my quill. Who knows which bit of my subconcious that came from as I am a (female) Ostrogothic specialist. My medievalist boyfriend was so consumed with fear for me that he proposed. Sir John said yes. It took several days later for me to concur.

He sent me your blog. I like it. From my memories of sharing a brain with him, Sir John would too.

Anonyme a dit…

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