vendredi, janvier 08, 2010

Anothir short noote: calling Katherine Swinford?

O deere suster-in-lawe of myne, Katherine de Swineford, where art thou? Emayle me at myn hottemail account (daliaunce at hotmail dot com) yf ye see this. Ich wolde have my peple talk unto yower peple concerninge sum matirs.


Blogger arby said...

I hope you find her, and if you do, please have your people try to talk her into posting again. I miss the hell out of her. rb

dimanche, 10 janvier, 2010  
Blogger Geoffrey Chaucer said...

Ich am right ther with yow, RB. But no message hath yet come my inbox-wards. Ich feele thilke same soore paynes of long waiting that Troilus did.

mardi, 12 janvier, 2010  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Bootye call?

mercredi, 10 février, 2010  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Bootye cawl, sirrah?

mercredi, 10 février, 2010  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Goodlye sir, hastow gi'en thought to maykinge a page for the Booke of Fayce? There are, e'en now, imposters there y-posing! I shoulde lykke to fan thee, but will have no substitutes!

Yr loyalle reader ~


jeudi, 25 février, 2010  
Blogger Liar Goodspeed said...

Deere Mistere Chaucere, Ich hopeth thou art yn fyn spirytes und yn goode healthe, for thou hath been updatinge thy bloge moste unfrequently ou late...

samedi, 27 février, 2010  
Anonymous Ian Eisenberg said...

Hi, thank you very much. good job.

lundi, 01 mars, 2010  
Blogger Geoffrey Chaucer said...

Nay, nis nat eny maner of bootye clepe, but oonly the trewe calle of frendshepe. And eek methinketh Mayster Caxton may wisshe to be in touche wyth my deere suster-in-lawe. Fie on the talke of clepyng of bootye, for my love to deere Philippa is so greet that sanz Philippa the verye sterres wolde nat shynen. Litel knowe Ich of thes newe wayes of hookinge up wyth everyone all the tyme thurgh bootye calles, the which ys sum tyme yclept "freendes wyth benefices."

Ma chere Blancche, ther ys a payge of visagetome for my blog, thogh it be but verye litel and rathir underwhelming:

As for the lack of updatinge, in deed, it payneth me soore, but lyf hath a habit of throwing moore at me than Ich can cacche in both handes, and thus Ich do wayte for a tyme whan Ich shalle update ayein.

vendredi, 05 mars, 2010  
Blogger *G*R*U*N*T*I*L*D*A* said...

It hurts my BRAYNE (is that the way you'd write it, lol) to read like that but this blog is a hoot!

jeudi, 11 mars, 2010  
Anonymous Nonie said...

Attendeth Katherine of Swinford the Council of MLA, perchaunce?

Helas, so longe the roodes and so rare the couriers betwixt thyn home and hirs, that solas may been slow in comyng.

--Nonie, wyshing welle unto thee and thyn littel woolen hat.

vendredi, 19 mars, 2010  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Comestow bakke Geoff!

lundi, 12 avril, 2010  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Ich am desolate sans Geoff! Hastow mette with some misadventure?

jeudi, 29 avril, 2010  
Anonymous Hygelac said...

Soðlic, langra hæbe ic abad ane niwe poste þonne dyde ic for min idelgeorn nefa Beowulf hwonne he wið Breca swimman on garsecg!

mercredi, 05 mai, 2010  
Anonymous Plastic Cards said...

Bootye cawl, sirrah?

Great job and great article!

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samedi, 13 novembre, 2010  

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