vendredi, juillet 07, 2006

Henri le Potier

On thyse day, as I coked sop for Joane to eten (she groweth teth, so I maye nat haven hir be nursed muchel mower) I was thinkynge of my poetrye and historie of Vin Diesel, and at ones I was striken by a newe idee, formed in ful within myn heed:

Ther shal be a child, cleped Henri le Potier. He is the child of wicches, who aren deed, and he hath home wyth his yvele oncle and aunte. He then recyves worde forto scoleye so he maye lernen the wayes of wicches. The maistre of the studie is clepen Bourdon Dorre-bee, and there be a man who techeth, loothed by al heighted Snappe; There be two childeren, Hermesie who hath muchel wit, so myche that she is to be taughten with the menn, and a melancholic felawe named Rinaldo delle Donole. Henri le Potier cwelleth hem al for being wicches, and then atte fin he becometh a prest.

Hit shal be a serien, in VIII parties, and hit shal be named -- The Babesittres Club.


A MATTIR NEWE: Gode Kinge Richard hath asked I name the charactour Richard le Potier, so hit thus shal be. I shal clepe the erste partie "The Babesittres Clube: Richard and Alkemical Thynges."


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Tis well, mystress de Swinefourd, and meseemth thou shalt make many angels of gould for swich splendid wrytings.

Joseph de Mauger

dimanche, 09 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous Shadow said...

VIII partes? Nae VII?

dimanche, 09 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous Renee said...

God's teeth, madame! That I should live to see such blog buffoonery! However, I shall come anon, to perceive what other coil you findeth yourself in. And may we maketh merry in the meantime, God willing.

dimanche, 09 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous richard, seconde of that name, kyng said...

Thisse tayle of Henri le Potier woulde be muchel the bettir iffe the heroe were Richard yclept.

lundi, 10 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous Katherine de Swinford said...

Gode day, Richard!

In my mental visioun the man was height Henri le Potier, but thyse was that same brayne that gave me an horribble sweven in whych I was a fisshe that Constanze was usynge for foule thynges in hir bower, so I should be joyed to maken thyse chaunge, for yow are Kinge of Engeland and nat my Johne -- yower oncle that cryed for II wekes until he gan to vomit, whan yow were crowned and nat him -- by Godes wille, for yow comen moost direct from Arthure. So, shal my wicche-then-prest be named Richard le Potier? Ower have yow a better name for him?

mardi, 11 juillet, 2006  
Blogger Will McLean said...

Is not the Babesittres Club a baston of warre, somedele gnarly and studded with naillis of yron?

mardi, 11 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous richard, seconde of that name, kyng said...

No bettir name have ich, madame.

Hit meseemeth thatte thou mightst have better dremes wert thou to dine bifore the sunsette and nat repaire unto thyne bedde until iii hours thereafter. Certes, thou shouldst be bettir yused than by Constanza yn hir secrete place.

mardi, 11 juillet, 2006  
Blogger Killer Kitten 12 said...

Dear God! And if they film this series will you cast Vin Diesel as the star?
May God have pity on us all.

mardi, 18 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous Neyne said...

Oh, good God....Nae VII indeed?

Maistre Chavcer, thou art, as yt ys sayd, "full of yt".

dimanche, 11 mars, 2007  
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mercredi, 16 mai, 2007  
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Anonymous Anonyme said...

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Anonymous Adam O'Brien said...

Henri le Potier indeed was a sinner aganst God. That strumpet y-clepd Rowling from Gloucestershire taketh part in the werk of Satan, and hath no place in riting. Ther was a tyme when a wrecched womman that rote swich heresy wolde be burnd at the stayk anon in the nam of God's wrath. If oure children were to reed swich horors, hir yonge mindes wolde be corrupte agaynst al that is good, for ther is nat werth in newe ideas for hem to lerne thynkinge, if it is nat in acorde with the wrytings of the Lorde.

mardi, 11 mai, 2010  

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