vendredi, septembre 12, 2008



Bakers and Bakesteres, Hippers and Hipsteres,

For yower owene sake, plese enjoie a speciale contribucioun from oon of ower sponsours and my moost gret patroun, the which I do poost heere. In the meen while, I seek a salve for myn heed.

-Tho. Favent


a most noble and wikked auuesome column by Henry “S-Collar” Bolingbroke,

WASSSSSSSSSSUP Churlez? Hypermasculinized loue to ech and everie oon of yow! ‘Tis I, Henri Bolingbroke, coming right at yow. This is my column of awesome content on this blog.

You see, the othir Lords Appellant want to make sure that we connect with yow, the peple. Thinges haue been getting a litel shakie. Sure, everichone did loue us whan we seyde that we wolde correct the realme, but now the fikkle and untrewe peple do complayne that we misappropriate revenues and care moore for ower vainglorie than for Engelonde. Which is lyk a total load of cow-wasshe, for all of ower expenses aren necessarie. The obstacle course in my bakke-yard is crucial for militarie planninge. (Thos Frensshe citie walles are nat going to scale themselues.) The fact that yt also maketh an awesome paint-balle course is biyond the poynt. But lo swich moanes and lamentynge ye the peple do make. It peyneth me soore, I kan tell you. Heavy is the head that weareth the awesome.

So Tommy ”The Swan” and Dick “Mauvais Cheval" askid me to wryte a blogge to connect wyth yow, the peple, and especiallie the younger voteres who reden of thes blogges and do worshippe at the parrisshe of St. Cory. And eek the othir lordes thoughte that my experience crusadinge ayeinst the paganes in Prusse wolde make me appealinge. I am a CRUSADE HERO, people. CRUSADE HERO. That just soundeth so good whan my scrybe types it out.

So as ye kan see, this is just a litel space for me to kynd of unwind about the day. And I unwind lyk a snake, baby, full of venom and anecdotes. Whan I askid Thomas Favent yf I could have a column on the blog he made a trewely good argument about focus and needing the proper talent and nat being sure if I had the experience to get the pacing right, and thanne I made a trewely good argument about me ceasinge from hitting hym on the head wyth a mace. BAMBAMBAM CRACK!

Peple, man. Everyichon hath an opinoun, ye know? I am going to yive yow sum of myne heere, and if ye agree nat, wel, peraventure I will imprisoun yow for monethes. HA. JUST JESTINGE. (OR MAYBE NAT?)

I saw Roland, Ganelon, Saragossa last week-end. I haue nat liked the othir filmes by Wido Alanus but this oon was prettie good. I wisshe ther had been moore three-way battle scenes. I am eek prettie y-psychede about Quantum of Solace even thogh it soundeth lyk the name of a papal bull.

Oh, and about the “S-Collar” thing, myn nik-name? The world hath been askinge. Yt standeth nat nat for “scoler.” I did nat do verye well in school. In fact, had nat Dame Plagiarism been at hand, Sir Graduacioun nevir wolde haue arryved, for the Sistren de Keg were alwey in my chambre. But swich is the lyf. Ye need nat to knowe of lettrure and clerklie thinges whan ye be a CRUSADE HERO.

No, I am ylcept "S-Collar" by cause of my awesome neckwear, the which is all made out of S linkid togedir. Many folk asken: what doth the “s” stand for? It standeth for: stronge sexie superior seigneur standinge ovir yower sorrie ass as ye sobbe for yower lyf. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

I haue been keepinge up my trayninge for the Supreme Joustinge Championship. I am werkinge out III or IV houres a daye and hitting the listes as much as I kan. I am born to kick asse and take names, except I am a slow writer and thus the number of asses kikked do exceed names taken. Swich is the life. CRUSADE HERO, cherles.

This fat weeird guy keepeth hanging out with little Hal. I am a litel worried about this but my wife Mary sayd whatevir. ‘Tis nat lyk the kid will ever be kyng any day (unless I depose Richard). HA. JUST JESTINGE. TO SAY AS MUCH WOLDE BE TREASOUN! (OR MAYBE NAT?)

My wyf just got her forehead done. That thing is so effing big now. It is lyk almost a spanne brood. HOTT! Whan I marryed her she was named Mary de Bohun and if ye know what I mean I haue been thinking about doinge a litel Bohuninge tonight. SMACK! CRUSADE HERO!

Ye knowe, I had VI minstrels when I fought the pagans at the Siege of Vilnius and thei still koud nat keep up wyth a real-tyme song about how much ass I was kikkinge. I bring the legendarye mode. I am the legendarye mode.

Let us see. What else? O, stop yower bullmerde about Chaucer and Kyng Richard. Kyng Richard will retourne whan it is good for the realm. I and the othir lords appellant are loial to the Crown of Engelonde and the Kyng who beareth yt. I haue no intencioun to evir taak the crown from Richard. I haue too much CRUSADING to do first. That stuff is moore awesome than watching “faces of death" while simultaneously receivinge a high-fyve at a combinacioun Farthingbakke/III Doores Down showe. SMACK! BAM!

Okay, this hath made me thynk about Engelonde and kikking asse. I am getting some squirez and goynge to the bakke-yard to play peynt-balle. I will have Thomas put this onlyne.

I hope yow enjoy this. Or else ye shal perssihe (J/K LOL ROFL)

-Henry “S-Collar” Bolingbroke