The Legendary Game Pac-Man Has No Meaning.

The Legendary Game Pac-Man Has No Meaning.
The Legendary Game Pac-Man Has No Meaning.

Let's take a look at how this word came about. Actually, Pac-Man first came up with the name 'Puckman', inspired by 'pakku pakku' used to eat in Japanese. The word 'puck' means naughty child in English. Therefore, it was thought that this word would be a rough term since it will be presented worldwide. For this reason, its name was changed to Pac-Man. Engaging women! The task of eating was thought to attract women's attention. 

This is the primary task of the Pacman character. Pacma, who embarks on crazy adventures by eating power balls, ghosts and bonus fruits, has a story of this indispensable element. New character for women also appeared Ms Pacman He realized that in the Toru Iwatani arcade halls that make up the character of Pacman game , he was generally composed of men at a young age. Therefore, he thought that it would not be possible for families and women to come to the arcade halls. Toru Iwatani wanted to change this situation and got a pizza answer by thinking about what women could want, so he decided to be a food-centric game. 

Of course, in this case, Play Pacman in women, it seems that they have taken place in this game among their favorite games. Not all ghosts in the game are actually chasing Pac-Man! Of course, the ghosts in the game have a name. Only the red ghost Blinky is chasing pacman before he gets tired. The pink and blue ghosts position themselves at a distance of 32 pixels from the pacman. The orange ghost hangs freely.

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