dimanche, mai 10, 2009


The feeste of Kalamazu wyth its revel and jolitee did make Las Vegas look lyk an anchorhold on the moon on a sunday. Kyng Richard ys still slepyng and hath commanded me to fecchen hym sum gatorade. Me repenteth soorely the muchel drynkyge and litel sleepinge. And eek myn dauncing at the gret revel on Saturdaye was a litel iffy. So jocound ich was that ich did the slyde electrique and now feel sumdeel embarassid. Philippa shal nevir let me lyve it doun. Myn litel woolen hat was nigh lost. O the wondirs of Kalamazu!

Ich shal wryte moore of the feeste latir, but nowe my eyen do ache. Ich am goinge to the munchye mart.

Le Vostre

vendredi, mai 08, 2009


Kalamazu ys trewely a pavane of wondirful thinges. Ywis, the babel partye tonight was a-lit wyth paintinges wyth amusinge capciouns from folk of theorie swich as deleusse and wattari and eek Madame de Dinshawwe.

Aftir VII kir royales ich was fit to stumble a-doun. The partye plesid nat Kyng Richard, who went down-stayres to anothir restaurant and did get hymself in-fisticuffed wyth three men all by the name of Doug. Yif ther is oon thing Kyng Richard knoweth, yt is how to alienate hymself from a group of men in power.

We are nowe in the radisson wyth ice packes and frensshe fries and hope that tomorwe wil be both better and worse. Phony soit qui mal y pense.

Le Vostre


mercredi, mai 06, 2009

Kalamazoo - The folk of BABEL

Yf ich am typing poorly, yt ys because ich am being slammed around by a chrysler sebring convertible with poor transmissoun. Kyng Richardes drivyng buggeth me. Lyk to an allegorical statue, he hath a foot of lead. He ys totally speeding, but he insisteth that the speed limit ys in his mouth, or sometyme in his brest, and that he al oon kan alter or create lawes regarding safe drivynge practices. Absolutist tendencies and merging are an unhappy combinacioun.

The gret feeste of Kalamazoo beginneth tomorrowe. Ywis, mynself and Kynge Richard are muchel y-psyched to goon to the panels of BABEL, the which is a felaweshep of many folk who throwe a vital and innovatif partie and produce rocking and gin-soaked scholarship - or peraventure it ys the othir way around? Many are the folk of BABEL who haue spoken wel of myn blog and linkid to it, and yt is ful gentil to quit one lynk wyth anothir lynk.

Kyng Richard ys busy finishing hys papir for their panel "Getting the Medieval Studies You Want." It ys entitled "Bring 500 Cheshire Archers to a Department Meeting."

Ich shal lete yow know of the othir aventures of kalamazoo.

Le Vostre



What a long, straunge trip yt hath been. Tyme sufficeth me nat to tellen yow of the wonderes of Las Vegas, and of the grete battes and swich that ich sawe whanne ich did dryven wyth my lord Kynge Richard from Barstow to Vegas-ward, and of the serious mead collecioun that a man can get whan he sette hym out to fynde a serious mead collecioun, and of the grete feere and loathinge that did posses us.

The Lords Appellant aren all crookes and berers of false-tidinges, and Thomas Favent ys the maner of man that gooth to Blazinge Fellow and yet hath nat tyme to visit his grand-dame. The re-brandinge of my blog plesid me nat, and so ich haue taken it y-back. Fight the powere, sistren and brethren.

Ich wryte this pooste of blog from an "tavern of halydaye" in Grand Rapids in the realme of Michigan, wherat Kynge Richard and mynselfe haue ordrid "Step Brethren" on the "on demaunde." A-morwe, we get back yn to the car and dryve to that place of which Sir John Maundeville whilom descrived yn this blog: