vendredi, mai 08, 2009


Kalamazu ys trewely a pavane of wondirful thinges. Ywis, the babel partye tonight was a-lit wyth paintinges wyth amusinge capciouns from folk of theorie swich as deleusse and wattari and eek Madame de Dinshawwe.

Aftir VII kir royales ich was fit to stumble a-doun. The partye plesid nat Kyng Richard, who went down-stayres to anothir restaurant and did get hymself in-fisticuffed wyth three men all by the name of Doug. Yif ther is oon thing Kyng Richard knoweth, yt is how to alienate hymself from a group of men in power.

We are nowe in the radisson wyth ice packes and frensshe fries and hope that tomorwe wil be both better and worse. Phony soit qui mal y pense.

Le Vostre



Blogger Phyridean said...

When I first found your blog, Maistre Chaucer, you were yet on your long hiatus. Imagine my happiness to find you blogging again!

samedi, 09 mai, 2009  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

A battail wyth III menne alle yclept "Doug"? For som resoun thisse remindeth me of the lais of Marie of France, the which ich can never kepe straight. Manye of hem aren aboute III or IV knightes or dukes which haue conceived loue and grete devocioun eek for sum slatternly woman who ys lyk a complete bitch and leadeth hem all on till lyke alle but oon of hem aren deed, and the laste eek full sore ywounded: tho sche letteth the power fellaw alle uppe yn hir skirts and bedclothes.

mercredi, 20 mai, 2009  

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