jeudi, juillet 01, 2010

Sum questions about Dadz blog and stuff

Shoutouttes to alle of yow from teh Ox-2-the-Forde, wher Ich have just completed my annum primum (cum maxima spe non sit annus horribilis). Thei are fillinge me to the brim with all kindz of latin shenanigans and the partyinge heere ys out of control. I am rocking the astronomy major because it is like ten shadez of the easieste liberal art.

N-E-way, people keep mentioninge Dadz book. Not the Canterbury one, that is about as close to being written as I am to a theater where the Matins movie is playing (folkes, repeaten after the Lowys: vampirez = not cool, werewolvez = not cool), but the other one.

Some one who looketh really official is even asking questions about blogz and they mention Dadz booke. Itz like a survey. You know, if your the kynde of person who liketh taking surveys. But whatever, man. De timewastibus non disputandum.

Weird stuff, gentils and churlz.

Dad sez I can do an entry on Oxenforde soon. But I'm kind of busy with my new friend, Hal.