mercredi, juillet 05, 2006

Chaus; ower, Shoon

Yeestre day, (ower was hit night?) I notede on myn own journelle that I lyk to buyen chaus. Wel, sin I gan to thinken on the mattir, I concluded that I neded an other peyr of blakke chaus. So I boughte some belle botes aft I had ygoon unto the bathes. Haveth thyse chaus reversen claspes and al! (Wel yow witten, ful mo chaus be nat reversen. Moost chaus, swych as thyse woren by my brether-in-lewe, be the same on boothen sydes.)
Hmm... that image of Geffrey be faire bad. Loketh he lyk a deede bodie, and lyk a fate oone at that. Geffrey, whan thou mighte rede thyse poost -- doe nat padde thy pect yf thou meneth nat to weren a ceincture. Hit maketh a mann loke glotounouse and big. The whool resoun forto padden thy pect, is to maken thy waast loke mower smal. That maketh no werke yf thou goost aboute in grete houppelandes with no ceincture. Don a cotehardie atte lest, yf thou wilt nat no ceincture. I wote Philippe hath toolden thee mo times.

Anywey: chaus. I lyke chaus.



Anonymous Lirazel said...

For me, ich care naught what bes onder foote, so it be neate and can be clensed wyth ease. for sure it is that what tyme ich steppe out of myne hause, but there sall ich fynde somewhat that stinketh onder foote. Bot me lyketh thi newe chaus, for that they be neate.

Methinks thou must haue a smalle foote, for swich do often fynd solace in cheapening chaus. Ich, weladay! am large of foote, and so ich lyke to cheapen wel woven, pritti basquets.

Ich prithee tel, dost ever looke upon ye eBaye for swich matters?

vendredi, 07 juillet, 2006  
Blogger Katherine de Swineford said...

I doe nat loke upon Ebay for swych thynges, but I have muchel richesse, even yf my belovede Johne doth borrowe hit al for hys "Campaigne Espagnole" estupide.

I cheapen chaus as I lyke, bute, myn be moostly madden-to-ordre. My suster Philippe and me have oft sayd there is a place in Helle what be especial for chaussieres who make yower chaus too litel and sayth hem shal strecchen wyth age. I hate those folk.

vendredi, 07 juillet, 2006  
Anonymous Lirazel said...

Ich sal add myne voce to thi chorus ayent les chaussieres who maken too litel chaus. Forbye, tho melikest naught mucky, ich also say thatte the next place in Helle may be for the makeris of pattens that beest too hi and of powre ballance.

Weladay, to be womyn is neer a bed of ease...

lundi, 10 juillet, 2006  
Blogger FSJL said...

Ben that shoon makker Humphries yclept?

mardi, 11 juillet, 2006  
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Anonymous Anonyme said...

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