vendredi, janvier 08, 2010

Anothir short noote: calling Katherine Swinford?

O deere suster-in-lawe of myne, Katherine de Swineford, where art thou? Emayle me at myn hottemail account (daliaunce at hotmail dot com) yf ye see this. Ich wolde have my peple talk unto yower peple concerninge sum matirs.

jeudi, janvier 07, 2010

Anothir smal noote

Ich kan nat wayte for this wonderful disque of musique to emerge. Loong have Ich been a "Machaut man." (Al thogh, much lyk unto Oedipus, Ich am nat too crazie about ten thousand maniackes).

mercredi, janvier 06, 2010

Get nat too excytede

This is but a litel updatinge. For Ich have no japes or fables to share yow-with as of nowe. Ich have but litel vim or vigor, and my corage ys all yspent. Ywis, myn eyen are ringed wyth red from long vigiles and wakinges, and many a box of pizza doth clutter the smal room yn which Ich wryte, and eek my poore brayne ys moore tired than Goweres metaphors. Long tyme nowe, Ich have been preparing a book of blog, and the labour ys al moost doon. Plese pardon, gentil rederes, my lak of postingnesse, but a smal delaye heere ys peraventure worth a solid volume the which ye kan underlyne and spille egg-salad upon and take yn to yower jacuzzi whanne the mood stryketh yow (for woe to the man who taketh his laptop yn to the jacuzzi, Ich have lerned to my gret cost on a chillye November night).