Get nat too excytede

This is but a litel updatinge. For Ich have no japes or fables to share yow-with as of nowe. Ich have but litel vim or vigor, and my corage ys all yspent. Ywis, myn eyen are ringed wyth red from long vigiles and wakinges, and many a box of pizza doth clutter the smal room yn which Ich wryte, and eek my poore brayne ys moore tired than Goweres metaphors. Long tyme nowe, Ich have been preparing a book of blog, and the labour ys al moost doon. Plese pardon, gentil rederes, my lak of postingnesse, but a smal delaye heere ys peraventure worth a solid volume the which ye kan underlyne and spille egg-salad upon and take yn to yower jacuzzi whanne the mood stryketh yow (for woe to the man who taketh his laptop yn to the jacuzzi, Ich have lerned to my gret cost on a chillye November night).

16 comment "Get nat too excytede"

  1. Maistre Chaucer, heartiest congratulations on the publication. There was much squeeing in my corner of the Internet when the news came out, and I am really looking forward to buying your book.

  2. Good fortune, gentle Geoffrey, with this book of blog, and may the labour remaining be light and swift.

    I have of late read a most interesting book, titled simply Chaucer, by one Master Gilbert Keith Chesterton, a meditation of sorts upon your good self and your works expressing ultimately more, it seems to me, about Master Chesterton than about the nominal subject. It struck me as a work characterised by magnificent prose, moments of interesting insight and other moments of thunderous wrongheadedness, and I was wondering whether you were familiar with it, and what you thought of it, and whether you had ever been tempted to return Master Chesterton the favour ?

  3. Chaucer, magister meus,

    Whan may we expecte the monkes to have the bookes y-written out and readie for purchasse?

    Vostre gentille fanne-girle,


  4. The squeeing continues here on the west coast. I cannot wait!

  5. Gode mægistere Chaucere,

    Hæbbe ic þisse poste abad lange hwile, ac þes ærrende þinnes boces is wel weorð hit! Wilst þu ascian þinnum noterum þæt hie writen ane copye in Ealde Englisce ond hit onsendan to min cyningdom, þæt ic mæge hit arædan?

    Wæs þu hal,

    Hygelac, cyning Geata

  6. I'm very excited about your upcoming publication. ;)

  7. with the help of maester card, i shalle purchase yowre book, goode sire

  8. I yjonye the rankes of those lookynge withe "squeeeeee"-age to thise booke of wiche yowe speak--will yt be awailiavle on Kindle, praye telle?

  9. Thank yow alle for yower commentz.

    Emmet - Ich knowe but litel of Gilbert Chesterton, yet he did wel protect Rose Walker from the convencioun of cereal.

    NIghtsky - Grete thonkes to Doctor Hwaet's TOWAERDES, William Caxton hath got a jump on the industrie wyth his printinge presse. The book schal be out yn but a fewe monethes. Ich wot litel of Kindle. Is that nat what Bolingbroke putteth under the feet of an heretic?

    Hygelac -- Thogh Ich kan rede wel of yower writinges, God Cyning, Ich knowe nat how to craft yn that maner Ynglisshe. Ich shal see yf Ich kan get a good Old English translator to maken my book yn to yower langage. Many thonkes, gret king, for yower wel wisshes.

    And love to yow alle

    Le Vostre

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