this maketh me to seem ungentil and unkynde!

Geoffrey heere. Ich hope ye gentil ffolke take gret solaas from my new contributour, Sir John Mandeville. It is a greet honour to haue swich a renouned compositor writinge for myn litel blogge.

Mower newes of parliament shal coom soon, ich promise yow by Seynt Espedito! It ys a straunge tyme - ich haue been shot at with arwes. Fret nat, for ich do lyue and am unharmed. And right nowe ich am windinge down at Langlandes hous by takinge a litel quiz. The resultes plese me nat. Cursed be thes quizzes and memes! Ich am a man of feythful herte, and nat slydynge of corage.

Ich nam nat random, and brutal ys a thing ich shalle nevir be. And the only magister amoris is the swete-tonged and sharp-witted Ovid Naso of the romanes, may Christ pitie his hethen soul.

8 comment "this maketh me to seem ungentil and unkynde!"

  1. This is your finest work TO DATE.

  2. i love this blog. thank you for distracting me from my paper on one of your tales.

  3. Hast thyn gode wyfe sene thisse meme?

  4. I am the random, gentle, love, dreamer. Who knew!

  5. I am the random, gentle, love, dreamer. Who knew!


  6. Nay, 'tis nat ne unkyndnesse, for as ye brutall bestes louve untouched bee by ye sinne of Adam, and ys chastlie y-roted yn devotioun, so be thyne.

    And Ovid, tho hee magister primus be, yet thynk ye nat alle poetae bee magistri minoris? Ich thynk welle Ovid sayde so.

  7. it's alright - i was also classified as a random brutal love master. but my boyfriend should have a case to argue that.

    if you created an profile, post the address - i would love to have you as a friend. ;D

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