Boastinge of my rymes hath yiven me trouble bi for...

Noon othir than Baba Brinkman hath taken me to task in a maner that maketh Johannes Gower seme a smal fluffy bunny. Update: See the commentes to this poost for to lerne that we haue maad pees and are sworn brothirs. Yif pees could be as esily y-maad bitwene Engelonde and Fraunce, muchel joye wolde be broughte vnto the worlde. Swich pees and brothirhede ys a fayre thynge in thys seson of holydayes.

20 comment "Boastinge of my rymes hath yiven me trouble bi for..."

  1. I just saw him perform a few days ago, oddly enough.

  2. I'm thinkin' there's room enough in this wide world for both y'all. You're just dancin' to different fiddles, so of course the results may vary.

    I don't know that it makes a damned bit of difference, but I'll be back here a long time before I go back there.

  3. "I'm thinkin' there's room enough in this wide world for both y'all. You're just dancin' to different fiddles, so of course the results may vary."

    Ywis, that was my poynt. Both vs two stryve to make my werkes known by a larger audience, yet we do it in divers maners.

  4. Fluffy?

    Hah, hah, the online etymology dictionary has first occurance of "fluff" in 1790.

  5. There is no competition. Geoffrey, YOU de MAN!!

  6. Bi crist almightie, liefest Geoffrey! Ich kan but goggle yn wonderement at swich a thyng as this. Spekyng as oon povere grad studente among manye, oh, ich thank yow from myn hertes roote, for sikerly yow tickleth yt.


  7. Verilie yow pwned him, Geoff!

  8. Ich see no faire conteste, yn truthe.

    Verilie, yow who art ycleped Chaucer hath shewn thy prowesse yn the makynge of poetrie Most Fine, suche that BaBard's cruel jestynges were putte to flyghte as woulde be litel birdes by the soundynges of Terribel Houndes, afeared to the deth.

    Pece be vnto ye.

  9. Gode Maistre Chaucer, ich do beseech thatte thou, what tyme thou listeth they who are counted in thi posse, makke me to be on.

  10. Thise blogge doth have soverigneitee overe myne internet tyme...

    Ywis, I doth be studyinge for a tesste in myne classe on thine workes at the universitye, yet I rede thy blogge instead.

    Thankee, Sir Geoffrey, thee hast me provideth muche japery.

  11. Yt is most acceptibile if ye spekest litel in the stile of the rappe, for the ear heareth litel of the eccentricitie of the spellinge, the which maketh thine blog more felicitous than any songe of the harps or beat-i-boxen.

  12. post scriptum: thine blogge doth amaize al the knights and gentilfolk of our haushold; I linketh my own to yt forthwith.

  13. I saw him a few days ago as well.


  14. Chavcer his uuritinges myn herte and minde impresse,
    farre fro the uuorlde in holie sothfastenesse,
    bot ich uuolde asken alle ye gentille folke
    uuho clamovren for ease fro hethene ioke
    uuether tis trewe thatte euille-sovning uuorde
    thatte swich rhyming ben nat worthe an torde?
    For myn parte it ben trewe that Chavcer bin
    Ovre greetest rhymer, to saie else war sinne.

  15. My Lord Chaucer,

    Yore poste leaveth me well dispos'd and a-farting vid laughter upon my seat.

  16. Hats off to you, noble Geoffrey. I admit my words were a bit crueel, but keep in mind that you did call me out.

    I am well quyted, and I concede that our mission is the same (nor can I compete, it seems, with your army of fans).

    Let us be henceforth brothers in arms, spreading your fair Tales to the ends of the earth, you in cyberspace and me on the airwaves.

    Your i' faith,


  17. Mon Cher Frere Baba,

    By Seynt George, that ys a fayre and gentil message, and ich am right grateful for yower courteous wordes. Ich wyth al myn herte accept yower offer of brothirhede. If evir ther beth sum waye for me to assisten yow in yower projectes, thogh my skill be but smal and my blog but a litel thing of bits and bytes, ye maye simply informe me and ich shal rallye to yower syde. Yower freendship pleseth me more than to haue al the wyn of burgundie and al the stout of dublin. To Canterbury!

    Le Vostre

  18. O Gentil Geoffrey,

    Verilie, thy blogge giveth me greete joie!

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