Tremulus Æscgar sends a Seynte Valentynes Message for Þu

Hwæt! Tremulus Æscgar is min nama! Ic eom what ‏þu yclepst poet, but meseemeth þæt hit bið bettir gif þu yclepst me scop, lyke what menn yclepeð poetes whylom. Maniye scopes dyd wryte of menn lyke Breca ond his swymminge, or the storyes of Widsið who vysited maniye kynges on sondry londes, or evene that olde songe abuten Beowulf, Ecgtheowes bearn, ‏who kylled sum geante ond his modor. Ic eom, pardee, a god Christen, ond Ic nolde wryte næfre of those heathenne guyes – ond soothly Ic ne thynke that those olde songes schall beth remembred, for thei beth ay about deeth ond fyghtynge. Thatte ys nat terribli interestyng.

‏Nathelees, Ic thynke that thys newe poesie, mid hire rhymes, ne beth whatte Ic wolde wryte, ond so ‏þu miht see that min songes beth differaunt fram those of Vostre GC. Min rederes, hit ys nat par chaunce! Ic haue min home in the norð, ond so Ic speke an Englisc differaunt fram thatte of GC. In facte, we met whan Ic wæs oon ‏þe roaade in Kent, travellynge to a puys – the which Ic thynk ‏þu miht yclepst a “poetrie smityng,” or somthyng lyke to thatte. Eek, min mayster wæs a scop also, ond he shewed me how to wryte in the manere of ‏scopes ‏who lyved in the dayes of Ælfred kynge ond halige Edweard. He wrohte songes of Arthure cyninge, ond hys cnihts, on ealle hira aventures. But, hit mesemeth ‏there beth songes ynogh þæt synge of werre – hit thynketh me þæt Englisc wæs ymaade pour Amor!

Swa Ic wolde wryte min songes newes ond pooste hem here, ywrit on ealde Englisc, ‏þæt ic hæfde maad lyke those ealdre songes, ‏þæt were sungen bifore the Frenssh cam to Engelonde. Gode Syr Chaucer hath sayde that Ic maeg poste here whanne Ic haue poemes newe – ond ic wolde sterte wið a poeme GC herde hymselfe, whan we met in Kent. Hit ys ycleped “Þin Leoð” – the which in ealde Englisc meant “‏Þin Songe,” on hit almooste ywon fyrste plaace! Ond as hit beth a songe of Amor, soothly hit is parfaite for thes feest of Seynte Valentyn. But fyrst, for manye ne kan the ealdre tonge, Ic wille gloser ‏min songe for þu, so thatte þu wyll nat be loste...

An povren ceorl ysyngen to his ladye love:
“Min gift ys min songe, ond this songe ys for ‏þu. Ond þu mayst ysingen thes songe, soothly, of yowerselfe. Ic nylle hit beth lyke a tormente for ‏þu, ond nu, as hit beth ydoone – Ic wylle ‏hit beth nat heteful to þu, thatte Ic sayde the which Ic hadde on min mynde – How blysseful hit beth, that Ic may lyve on yower healle. Full oft Ic, lyving aloone, aweited ‏þin mercye, for Ic nylle a blissyde thyng kepe as secrete. Ond there bið noone lyvnge sauwle who myghte hit seye to me – eower eyen: beth hem grene or blue? Natheelees, soothly Ic hit knowe: hie beoð the fayrest eyen on ealle the worlde. ”

Þin Leoð

Leoð min bið me giefe – ic wille gesingan to ‏þe
Meaht þu be ‏þe selfum soð-giedd singan
Leoð min nis nealle earfoðlic,
ac nu, forðæm hit gefremedon is –
Ic ne wille ‏hit beon þe laðlice
þæt ic sægde þæt þæt ic hæfde on gemynde:
Hu lif gesælig is, hwonne ic eom inne sele ‏þinre.
Oft ic anhaga, are gebide, miltse ‏þinre,
for-‏þæm gesæligne oft on min breost-cofan
ic ne wille bindan fæste, and nis nu cwicre nan
‏þe he meahte me cwiðan, oððe asecgan:
eagan ‏‏þine – beoð hie grene oððe hæwene?
Ac ic to soðe wat: beoð hie gesæligost eagena
geond wide worulde, feor oððe neah.

A Blisful Daye of Seynte Valentyne to ‏þu ealle!

11 Responses to "Tremulus Æscgar sends a Seynte Valentynes Message for Þu"

  1. Most noble scop, I must write to tell ye that I derived great pleasure and innocent mirth from your beautiful writings, although it be not seemly for a studious woman to be seen laughing merrily in a library. A thousand times, thank ye, for the light shed upon my day.

  2. Hwaet bletsung ys þis! O gloædmod dæg! Ist þu le main tremulous? Awrytan þu þe dryhtlic glosses en latyn ek aenglisc, highte by manye men as ‘þe Churlis Guide to Aelfric ek Sainte Bede’? Glædlice wold y gecweð wit þu. Lang y haf ysoght þyn name... Aesgar? Nat Eltoon Jean? For certes?

  3. So theek, a fayre soonge and a murye! Wel com to myn blogge, Monsieur Tremoule.

    Le Vostre


  4. HALIGE talk about having too much tid on your hondas. I have a hard enough tid translating from Eald Englisc into niw. LOL

  5. Happy Seynte Valentynes day good sir! Sory that tis late. I hop this day brought great pleasure tu thee. Is ther a noble luv in yur lif? Do nat by pricey flours for thei cost far tu much. Yf yow do not yur luv mai complayne, theyn yow will liv yn thy hous of dogs.

    Gud luk godspeed

  6. Me lyk ye soonge, ywis jolif lovely. Yk yaf a semy soun but at alle degrees me thynketh it gay. IT wyl be knowthe in sodry londes, strauge strondes and every holt and heeth. Lyk was to bihold yltyn John's soonge, but in ano0ther kyde.

  7. The London Perl Mongers cordially invite Mr. Chaucer to join them in the evening of the 1st of March for their monthly social meeting at the Royal Oak, on the site of his old haunt the Tabard Inn. There will be free beer.

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