Yf ich am typing poorly, yt ys because ich am being slammed around by a chrysler sebring convertible with poor transmissoun. Kyng Richardes drivyng buggeth me. Lyk to an allegorical statue, he hath a foot of lead. He ys totally speeding, but he insisteth that the speed limit ys in his mouth, or sometyme in his brest, and that he al oon kan alter or create lawes regarding safe drivynge practices. Absolutist tendencies and merging are an unhappy combinacioun.

The gret feeste of Kalamazoo beginneth tomorrowe. Ywis, mynself and Kynge Richard are muchel y-psyched to goon to the panels of BABEL, the which is a felaweshep of many folk who throwe a vital and innovatif partie and produce rocking and gin-soaked scholarship - or peraventure it ys the othir way around? Many are the folk of BABEL who haue spoken wel of myn blog and linkid to it, and yt is ful gentil to quit one lynk wyth anothir lynk.

Kyng Richard ys busy finishing hys papir for their panel "Getting the Medieval Studies You Want." It ys entitled "Bring 500 Cheshire Archers to a Department Meeting."

Ich shal lete yow know of the othir aventures of kalamazoo.

Le Vostre