Righteousli off y-pissed

Helas, myn eyne are ful of teres and wepynge for the peple of Iran who marchen yn the streetz and are faced doun by the will of schrewes and wikked men and tirauntz.

Thys putteth me in mynde of the book that comforteth me the moost, the Consolacioun of Philosophie of Boece (of which ich haue made a smal translacioun auailable for a modest pryce at Mayster Pinkhurstes shoppe - buy oon now and get a free copye of the Piers Plowman B-Text as wel as an attractif book-candel for redinge aftir derke yn fireproof areas).

In this fayre and wyse book of the Consolacioun, Lady Philosophie speketh to Boece the writer, who ys put in prison by evil men. Lady Philosophie telleth Boece that the evil haue nat the victorie no mattir how grete their power and prosperitee, and the good haue the victorie no mattir how grete their suffering:

"Thow most nedes knowen that good folk ben alwey strong and myghti, and the schrewes ben feeble and desert and naked of alle strengthes. And of thise thinges, certes, everich of hem is declared and schewed by other. For as good and yvel ben two contraries, yif so be that good be stedfast, thanne scheweth the feblesse of yvel al openly; and yif thou knowe clearly the fraileness of yvel, the stedfastnesse of good is knowen." (Liber Quartus Prosa II)

13 comment "Righteousli off y-pissed"

  1. Ich wolde ye "feblesse of yvel" cam notte wyth swich armeyes and cannon to eken out yts forces, bi Goddes nuttes!

    Indeed Philosophie sayeth that Dame Fortuna's whele takkyth us both opp and doune, and thus we moste lieve both joie and grieve and set oure eyen on thi Eternal.

    And yette to see thus a nacioun taken doune, liken to a schip that synketh, bearyng Menne and Ladyes and littel Chyldren alle (even tho they been Paynims) into the colde grave, only for that the Captayne and Officeres been covetous of powre, me thinken it michel schame, and myn herte ys hotte wyth wo.

  2. Not sure why there is a need to take sides politically with regard to current events (Iran). If possible, the authors of this blog should consider suppressing their own political views from this web space.

  3. Why?

    Why so, in Godde's gode name?

    Thys blogge belongeth to oure derest Geoffroi, as muche hys as hys littel woolen hatte. Why scholde he notte speken hys minde here?

    In addicioun, Ich am thynkand that oon so creatif and funnie hath earned moor swich right to speke, nat lesse.

    Gif thou hast othre opinouns, recount them heer wyth swich witte and jolitee as beseems the compagnie.

    Othre wys, speke thee upon thyn owne blogge as strongly as thou wishest. No oon compelleth thee to rede thys, an it please thee nat.


  4. Master Chaucer:
    It is with all humilitie that I, thy most admiring servaunt doth beg to point out unto thee that thou hast not posted upon thine erudite and most entertainynge blog these last two months and more. The which lack of wit and goodlie merriment doth oppress me and eke thine other devoted fans and the whole companye of unemploy-ed English majors full sore. Indeed, to borrow a saying of the Portuguese, thou art "The Bombe." Therefore, I do beg thee, of thy courtesie, to ope once again thy coffer of goodlie tales and to enrich therewith thy most devoted fan,
    The Ladye Margaret

  5. If current events are fair game, so are politics. This blog is [an extremely erudite] medieval pastiche on the present, and therein lies its brilliance.

  6. And here Ych was thynkand its brilliaunce cam from ye golde leafe of yts manuscrypt illuminaciouns....

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