Speciale Secret Kalamazoo Game: The Bradshawe Shifte

Speciale Secret Kalamazoo Game: The Bradshawe Shifte

By Seynt Viralemarketinge, a planne hath hit upon me. Graunt me pardon, gentils, for this nys nat a real poost, but rathir a sudden and urgent communicacioun to the grete scolers of Qalamazoo.

To alle the grete folke at Qalamazoo, to yow Ich do propose a game. It involveth a secret code phrase, sum maner of dauncing, and also peraventure snogginge.

I. Yif ye knowe and reden of thys poost of blog, ye maye walke up to eny person and saye the worde "Bradshawe Shifte."

II. Then, yif that person that ye have seyde that phrase unto knoweth also of thys poost, that person must doon a smal daunse at ones, no mattir where or whanne he or sche is askid. Be yt at a sessioun, or in the halle, or at a recepcioun, a daunse must be doon by the person who hath been "called out" by the wordes "Bradshawe Shifte." (Yif the person knowe nat of thys blog, then the askere loseth no thing but a litel tyme, for no maner scoler wolde evir be offendid by talke of the Bradshawe Shifte).

III. Yif the daunser doth performe the Bradshawe Shifte daunse successfullye upon beinge askede, the askere of the question must thenne yive unto the daunser eyther a drinke, a small amounte of moneye, or a kisse. The daunser hath the choys.

Maye ye be merrye at yower Bradeshawe-shiftinge!

(Pardon yif thys game ys nat verye elaborate. The first versioun did involve a beheadinge contest, but Ich koud nat werke out the logistics.)

7 Responses to "Speciale Secret Kalamazoo Game: The Bradshawe Shifte"

  1. Geoffrey, thy blog bringes me muche joye. Ich am writing my poeme for the thirde time for ich am in a spotte of trouble with myn last revisioun. Ich schal sende thee a copy if thou should verrily tell me what thou thinketh.
    Le vostre W. Langland

  2. I will be Bradshaw Shifting all day today. Thank you, Geoffrey! I shall make them ALL daunse!

  3. Ywis, this is lyke an oother ernest game, which paraventure ich was lerned in Fraunce. It was ycleped "le glace de Smirnoff," where a man yaf sum drink to a compeer, and than quod he, "Ye been ised,
    leeve brother!" (even if this man nas nat his cosyn).

    ~L'homme de Drew

  4. An godlic gamen forsoð, Mægster Chaucere, ac in selum minum sceal we mæst lufian ure gamen flytinges.

    -Hygelac, Cyning Geata

  5. Pennsic is calling you, sir. Pennsic is calling.

  6. Ye eek maye do the Bradshaw Shifte at Pennsic, and it wolde be a thynge of grete gladnesse to yiven varietee bitwene yower manye combattes.

    Le Vostre

  7. Chaucer was a Catholic and loved Jesus Christ. He wasn't cute and fuzzy. Look for the allusions to theology and faith in his work...the first and last things. You people sanitize the very life out of the real meaning of life...and death. God and man were inseparable then...only modern man compartmentalizes everything so God can be excluded... he can think he's a god.