mercredi, mai 17, 2006

tresoun is spelled G-O-W-E-R

Yn oothir newes, John Gower bygenneth hys responsio to myn appeale ayeinst hym, and yet yt semeth he opneth uppe an oothir canne of wormes yn doynge so.

3 commentaires:

FSJL a dit…

That Gowere a trechour ben is lyttel doute,
For svre hys synnes shalle soun finde hiym oute;
Chaucer shalle ever keep the laurele crowne
As befitten a lorde of highste renouun.

Eadbhard O Toirelaigh ui Duinn a dit…

My dere Mayster Geoffrie:
Thes thyne blog briges me endeles plesaunce. Graunt-mercy sir, for swyche wordes sothriht wryten.

Als, Y joyne hertely thy curs of that abhomynable foo Gower. Ichulle a pokkes o that bismotered hounde.

Eadbhard O Toirelaigh ui Duinn

Anonyme a dit…

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