mercredi, mai 17, 2006

tresoun is spelled G-O-W-E-R

Yn oothir newes, John Gower bygenneth hys responsio to myn appeale ayeinst hym, and yet yt semeth he opneth uppe an oothir canne of wormes yn doynge so.


Blogger FSJL said...

That Gowere a trechour ben is lyttel doute,
For svre hys synnes shalle soun finde hiym oute;
Chaucer shalle ever keep the laurele crowne
As befitten a lorde of highste renouun.

mercredi, 17 mai, 2006  
Anonymous Eadbhard O Toirelaigh ui Duinn said...

My dere Mayster Geoffrie:
Thes thyne blog briges me endeles plesaunce. Graunt-mercy sir, for swyche wordes sothriht wryten.

Als, Y joyne hertely thy curs of that abhomynable foo Gower. Ichulle a pokkes o that bismotered hounde.

Eadbhard O Toirelaigh ui Duinn

mercredi, 31 mai, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

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