dimanche, mai 10, 2009


The feeste of Kalamazu wyth its revel and jolitee did make Las Vegas look lyk an anchorhold on the moon on a sunday. Kyng Richard ys still slepyng and hath commanded me to fecchen hym sum gatorade. Me repenteth soorely the muchel drynkyge and litel sleepinge. And eek myn dauncing at the gret revel on Saturdaye was a litel iffy. So jocound ich was that ich did the slyde electrique and now feel sumdeel embarassid. Philippa shal nevir let me lyve it doun. Myn litel woolen hat was nigh lost. O the wondirs of Kalamazu!

Ich shal wryte moore of the feeste latir, but nowe my eyen do ache. Ich am goinge to the munchye mart.

Le Vostre


Blogger Satima Flavell said...

The wages of slyde electrique are sore bits and embarrassment. But it sounds as if it was great fun, all the same.

lundi, 11 mai, 2009  
Blogger Myra Seaman said...

So happy to have you back, Geoff. But do beware the munchye mart: a bit of distance should be kept for a couple of days, at least until you recover from the damage done by the slyde electrique.

lundi, 11 mai, 2009  
Blogger Angry Kem said...

Ich haue joie of yowre retourne. Gramercie!

jeudi, 14 mai, 2009  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

prithee shut thy festering gob.

jeudi, 14 mai, 2009  
Anonymous Nonie said...

O mouth-ferter Anonyme:

Spekestow thus to Maistre Chaucere? Beware lest ye Kynge schal have thee y-solde unto a dronken Pardonour.

samedi, 16 mai, 2009  
Blogger JustKristin said...

Greatly pleased to have you back, Geoffrey! You were missed more sorely than you may be now sore. :)

Onlich Kristin

dimanche, 17 mai, 2009  
Anonymous Baseball Pins said...

Welcome back Geoff.

lundi, 18 mai, 2009  
Blogger Nightsky said...

O joie! O revelrie! L.L. Cool Geoff hath returned!

lundi, 18 mai, 2009  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Bi mi fai! Hit is righte ful of wonder to have yow wyth us agayne, GC! Ich was getting a litel worried for a while there; for lyke half a yer ther nas not any poste on yower blogge, nat euen fram Henri S-Collar or Thomas Favent. Ich am muchel releved to haue yow backe wyth us. Pax et bonam!

mercredi, 20 mai, 2009  
Blogger DanielCure said...

I imagine you're exhausted just writing that, Geoffrey!

mercredi, 20 mai, 2009  

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