Quick Chekke-In

This is juste a smal missive to saye that ich am heere in Londoun and redy for parlement in westminstyre on the morwe. Tommy Vske was nat able to offer me hospitalitee for -- By Seynt Valentine! -- he hath sum ladye stayinge over. Ich know litel of her saue that she beth ycleped 'Margaret.' He promiseth me that we shall brunchen togedir sum tyme this week. He beginneth to throwen hym self aboute as if he were all that and a bagge of oat-cakes. Nichil asperius paupero cum surget in altum.

So, beinge thus sexiled, I haue taken the hospitalitee of my verye talle frende Guillelmus Langlande. Livinge in a cotte in Cornhulle wyth a tall angrie poet, hys wyf Kytte and hys doghter Calotte ys nat exactlie myn idee of a holidaye, but ich wisshe to kepe my parliamentarye fee for to purchasen sum bookes, so no fancie hostelrye for me.

Eny way, ich am vsing the wireless at Paternoster rowe, and a scrivener is yivinge me dirty lookes. Moore to come whan Parliament beginneth.

5 comment "Quick Chekke-In"

  1. beinge sexiled

    very sad, indeed. hopefully, the remainder of your trip will go as planned.

  2. Talle is his tabarde and lene his looke?

    Hmm. Methinks I shoulde thank both Langland and Uske for menciouning of me, which thou dost not do.

  3. Ich am nas ypleased with William of Longlonde, his Piers Plowman nis as good as Chaucer's masterpiece, eek than privy graffiti.

  4. Londoun sownds lyk a grate tyme. Ich haveth olways wanted to go. Make shor yow haveth fun.

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