What is this Amerique?

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North
You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."
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What American accent do you have?
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12 comment "What is this Amerique?"

  1. heard this on NPR and thought of you today:
    Chaucer Rap

  2. Methinketh 'tis one of the lands Seint Brendan did visit, or perchance an outposte of those seafayring Norsemen?

  3. "heard this on NPR and thought of you today"

    Ywis, long haue ich loued the mad rhyming skillz of Baba Brinkman and had hym y-listed in myn sidebar. Nowe, wolde that he wolde make sum mencioun of myn blog! (And thogh it peyneth me to shewe myself as an proud herted man, by my soul ich thynke that myn owen songes of rap are phattre than his).

    Le Vostre

  4. Check it:

    Every man is proud hearted
    Until he gets outsmarted
    So when this battle is over
    Just remember how it started...

    Peep the dialogue, you've got two eyes blocked, one by a mote, and the other by a log, as I weave my words around you like a quiet fog, if you're lonely, buy a dog, but if you're bored and misanthropic, try a blog.

    Apparently I'm a superior narrator, while you're an inferior parroter, a mere imitator of a lyrical character, which means I'M the OG's clear inheritor.

    I'm part of a mass movement, makin' rap music for the average human. You're obviously a sad, clueless grad student, laughing at the world 'cause you assume it's half-stupid.

    Now, faux-Geoffrey, you've been vivisected by the pen of a scribe whose mind has never rested. I love getting tested by clever jesters, but never question my dedication seeing Chaucer resurrected!

    Respect for the blog, good sir,

    Baba Brinkman,

    The Rap Canterbury Tales

  5. Yower dedicacioun was nevir yet my quaestio -
    So wherefore this assaut of wordes so wilful and so nasty, yo?
    Ich made a pleiful japery invitinge games of rhyme
    And nowe ye waxe wood on me lyk hyenas full of zima?
    Ye maye possess a funnye shirte in anachronistic style,
    Ye maye also make mp3s yower cofferes for to fille,
    Ye are in dede a man of wit for to speken veritee,
    But sir, yt semeth ye haue not a drop of charitee.
    Inheritaunce is partible and falleth vnto alle,
    Ther beth many vacant chaires in poeseies halle,
    So wherfore claim ye sole seisin of my tradicioun -
    Ich list yow in my sidebar -- and ye come forth to piss me-on?
    Nor overpasse moot ich nowe yower vileynous ad hominem
    Ayeinst thes poore grad studentz – for haue ye evir met with hem?
    Ich see ye haue attayned degre of magister of arts
    So know ye nat that lerninge ys a wheel on wisdames cart?
    Wherfore must scolers and studentz put up wyth so much crap
    Whan it is thei who edit bokes of which ye make yower rap?
    But all of that doth miss the poynt (thogh poynted be yower wordes)-
    Telle forth my name my gentil frendes, both feithful churles and lordes!
    Ich am ycleped Chaucer, a pilgrim on the strete
    Ich seke to swinke for solaas of every soule ich mete.
    So wherfore faux ye me, my foe? Fo sho ich foe nat thee
    From litel woolen hat to shoes, Chaucer, ich am he.
    Yower movement may be mass
    but by seynt loy it lakketh class -
    Day to day half million websyte hits, ich make the peple laugh,
    Ich wryte for studentz in heigh scole, and thos of foreyn landes
    Just as ye do, rude Baba (thogh no mic in my handes)
    For researcheres who werke fulle harde, for professors who swinke
    For gentil folk who of my werkes haue nat yet rede a winke.
    Thogh my blogge be nat composd wyth parfait ars grammatik
    Ich yive a taste of England past – so stop wyth al yower static.
    Blending truthe of historye wyth snark and gentil fun
    Ich mix the yore and now-a-dayes for the good of all and sum.
    Philanthropee is what ye fynde yf ye peruse my syte
    Jolitee and swete joye in every kilobyte,
    A misanthrope yet nevir ich was, and if ye thinke me swich
    Ich prove it in refraynynge from callinge yow a name.
    So look within yower herte, BaBard, or selle it for anothir
    That will allow yow to rejoice in the werking of yower brothir.

  6. Doth not bunny = coni?

  7. Well, I'm only a grad student, but thank you, Geoffrey, for your tireless (and, as far as I can tell, unpaid) efforts to make me laugh. I enjoy this blog much more than Mr. Brinkman's CD.

  8. "but thank you, Geoffrey, for your tireless (and, as far as I can tell, unpaid) efforts to make me laugh"

    Yt gretely gladdeth myn herte to heere swich thinges. Grant merci for yower gentil wordes.

    "I enjoy this blog much more than Mr. Brinkman's CD."

    And yet that is awey from my matir - for my greter theme is that he and ich do labour in the same vineyard, simplie yn different maners, and thus ther sholde be no competicioun about ower utilitee. Yet it semeth that sum maners of audience may prefer oon of vs to the othir.

    Le Vostre

  9. "(and, as far as I can tell, unpaid)"

    Also, ich mot add that ich make a fayre custoum from the sales of t-shirtes. Ich haue for litel Lowys bought sum turntables, and for myn self some new hose.

    Le Vostre

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