Of notice: my musique

Miss nat "Chaucer Weekend" on BBC radio thre on the twenty-thridde and twenty-fourthe dayes of December. Thei shal be playinge al of my fauorite tunez (thogh ich doute that thei shal playe the more recent musique in myn sidebar y-listed).

10 comment "Of notice: my musique"

  1. Freende, hastow sene thys admiring reveu of thyne?

    In othir news, the ymage in the word verificacioun wyndow conteyneth a lettre that gretely resembleth a tall "s" wyth a pointed descender, like to that yn a secretary or bastard hand, although I thynke it ys an "f".

  2. Ich shalle upon the wirelees herken to thyn tunes.

  3. This is truly a wonderous time of year - Geoffrey and Pingu !

  4. Goode Chaucer! Ich haue newes oft othere bardes witch taketh thyne rymes fore inspiracioun! Clicke here:


    The style of thes poetrie ys knowne as 'ye rappe.'

  5. "Goode Chaucer! Ich haue newes oft othere bardes witch taketh thyne rymes fore inspiracioun!"

    Ywis, see the poost previous for recordes of an eschaunge, first of enmitee and then of brothirhede, wyth the rapper that ye mencioun.

  6. Sir, I haue grete ioy of you, for this Baba is a mynestrel of micchel worsshipe, and I holde hym of higher degree than oother, like as L Pense and Emynem and Snoope the Dogge and many oother. But wel mayen the damoyselles dauncen at hir songes in nyghteclobbes, and hi ‘yetten freky’ or ‘yetten cronke’ (whiche to sayen communly that hy waxen righte lycencious, and styrren and turnen hir arses merueillously). Hit is full merueil to seen.

    Sir Perciuale of Wales

  7. Sire Percivale, ich douten nat that thou best an dirtie olde manne....

  8. Your music and rhyme
    today (R3) were sublime.

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