Myn first quizz!

O gentil rederes, now that ich haue completid a meme, ich wolde fayne lerne much of the oothir VII liberal arts of blogging, the which aren:

the bloviatrivium
I. angrye commentes that run for pages
II. lengthie monologue advocatinge my political posicioun
III. bringing nazis yn to an argument
the procrastidrivium
IV. memes
V. quizzes and surveys
VI. makynge avatars
VII. poosting pictures

Ywis, having nowe tryed my hande at memes, ich haue to the next art of the procrastidrivium y-moved, and haue made a quiz of medieval trivia. Ich warne yow, this ys hard-core stuff, nat for the casual redere. Yt ys meant to test the depth of yower lore and knowlech:

Update: Thogh earlier it semed that ther was sum problem at the syte, the quiz semeth to werke nowe. Also, ich warne yow that it is full of questiones the which aren trewely obscure, so be nat discouragid. If ye haue questiones about the questiones, ye may ask heere (yet may ye plese write 'spoilerz' bifor yower comment so as nat to ruin it for oothirs).

Anothir Update: For thos consultinge the internet, Ich haue discoverid that wikipedia is soorely incorrecte concernynge oon of the answeres. Be war er ye be wo!

17 comment "Myn first quizz!"

  1. Please excuse my peculiar dialect:

    I cannot see your quiz :o(

  2. Meseems there be un problemme uploading thine payge. Connecione is not yfownde.

  3. Forgive mine poore use of English.

    Ich think nat it is a deadlie problem, for ich haue attemptede youre quiz with much trouble but nat with difficulties of a technicale nature.

    Alas! Ich am nat well y-versed in thys hard-core lore, and ich haue failed to gaine ane gret victorie.

    But it pleases me mightily that ich did at the lest getten the question right about the Saintes of Englande, and which of them are nat English ate alle.

    Ich hope that your othere rederes are able to attempt the quiz before many houres have y-passed.

  4. Yt ys werkyng! Y did areche 95% proficience in trivia medievalle! But alas, y do nat haue tenure. . . ne euen a job. Thinkest thou that y may putte the score on myne curriculum vitae for the purpose of applicaciouns for werk? Me dredeth that perhaps y do nat haue a lyfe, either, else why shoulde y knowen these straunge thynges?

  5. Ich haue taken up thy gauntlet and tryed thy quizz. And verily, mine steadfastness was sorely tryed, and ich was y-tempted to consult yon heathen Oracle, yclept Google. But Ouer Lord hath showed me muche mercy, and strengthened mine Pride and Self-Respect, whereupon ich set mich withe Honesty to the taske. Ich acceptere mine seven-and-fifty pro ct. withe goode cheere and humilitie.

  6. Ic bekame syfen ond fiftegum, butan ic eom ful glaed, for thaem the ic ne "mediaeveliste" eom, butan Anglesacsen. Ic hopie, thaet mon Englisc ne uncuthbar est!

    Ic araede of thy blogge ful oft mid mycel glaednes, ond ic lufe the "bloviatrivium ond procrastidrivium" -- hit waes mycel treow!

  7. Ma Chere Pippa,

    Do ye com from York or sum thing? Yower Englisshe hath nothing of the fancie frensshe maner, al of the newe jette, that is in London y-spoken. Ywis, taak this nat as an affront, but ich kan scarecely vndirstond yower speche.

    Am I to presume that yower English frende is at an uncouth bar? Certes, ther are many inns and tavernes that are less than couth, and yf he hath wandered in to oon, then he shal see much of uncoutherie. Ich hope that ye fynde hym and taak hym from that uncouth bar eftsoon.

    Le Vostre

  8. Ich haeb di quiz getrachtet, maer tot myn spyt is it my onsuksesfol gebleven. Eicht end dertig procenten, maer nit.

    Eicht end dertig verneikte procenten!

  9. Thisse ben an passetemps of grete subtilitie, muchel to be ypraised.

  10. Heidi-ho Geoff! Kewl dictionairie, but I still don't hath a way with Olde English...(heathen post, I'm the volunteer heathen, poore me). Wandered off yonder path and looke where I be...

  11. Certes, nou that ich be able to try thyne quizz, ich fynd it be a gret Worke of subteletie and wisdomm. Much thankkes.

    - Anonymous, y-clept Blurgle when Blogger kenn be mayd to work for me

  12. I fayled the kwiz (14%)...oh the shayme!

  13. hehehehe, conculcavit

    this was an excellent quiz!

  14. Ich hath fownde an grevious errore yn thyne quizze; ye animal heroe of ye Roman de Fauvel ys a donkeye, notte a horse as ye saye. Godde knowse thy master should haff beatyn thee sowndly for ys blundyre.

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  16. Take pity on this poor American, for typing not in middle English; it is very strange to read, much less type.
    I only got 19% and most of that was our Lord's own patience as I clicked answers more by instinct than knowledge.


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