Sir John in Kalamazoo!

Benedicitee, goode readeres all! I am burnynge the mid-nyght oil in preparacioun for a greet voyage to the gatherynge of Kalamazoo, of the whych place Geoffrey hath regaled me with many jolie stories. (Whan that I heerd of free wyne I was sold.) Verily, I have studied the lines of picke-vppe, recytyng them ynto the mirour and practisyng myne smyle and wynke. Y have even contributed a newe line of picke-vppe: "Do yow have any St Albans yn yow? No? Would yow like some?"

I regrette only that the kinges privee busynesse schal force me to leeve Kalamazoo before the daunce of whych I have heered many a lurid storie of debauch.

Onse I have y-crossed the see I schal report of the greet festivitee that ys Kalamazoo! To yow all who schal set outte for Kalamazoo, bon voyage! Mayhap I schal meete you all atte wine houre.

14 comment "Sir John in Kalamazoo!"

  1. Sir John, I do gretely hope to meet thee at the gatherynge and here thy tales of straunge strondes, but I moot warne thee that the free wyne of Kalamazoo is fitte onlie for swyne. Be war!

  2. Sir John - Do come to the Blogger Breakfast I've organized, if you feel so inclined. Information can be found here.

  3. Let me add that all bloggers attending K'zoo are welcome and that it will be a safe place for pseudonymous bloggers.

  4. Pls excuz my stark futuristk gramr & trunctd spelg. But I m v glad someon is postg here agan.

    Y'l missd International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Day. Perhps y'l cn comment thru the timewarp.

  5. Apropos of nothing much, I'm just letting you know that I wore my "All your Acquitaine are belong to us" tshirt to the successful Spamalot world's biggest coconut orchestra record attempt on St George's Day, in Trafalgar Square.

    Geekin' it up.

  6. thou puttest me in mynde of a fyne ballade: ich haue a lasse yn kalamazoo (zoo zoo zoo zoo)

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