In the swete monethe of Maye, alle folk flocken to Kalamazoo for oon the greteste celebraciouns of scholership on the modern ages.

Thogh yet ayein my papir was rejectid from the scholerly panel to which Ich sent yt (for Ich ascrbyed a litel too muchel importaunce to myn early werkes), Ich shal to Kalamazoo-wards goon for to shewe my litel boke to the good scholers ther.

Yif ye wende to Kalamazoo, come to Valleye III Roome CCCII (302) at Sixe of the clocke on Thursdaye, on the thirteenthe of Maye (the verye daye upon which visiouns did come to Dame Julian of Norwich) to the boothe of Paul the Engraver, sonne of the Bald Man, for to see the booke. Ich do thynke that copyes shal be available for purchase. Myn owene horne groweth tyred from al thys tootinge, yet Mayster Caxton hath seyde to me "Self love, myn makere, ys nat so vyle a synne as havinge bookes remayndered."