XIII Wayes of Regardinge a Litel Woolen Hatte

Heere ys a newe poeme from todaye. Yt ys inspired by a verye wondirful adaptacioun of a verye wondirful poeme

XIII Wayes of Regardinge a Litel Woolen Hatte, a poeme by Galfridus Chaucer


Amonge XX busye customes deskes
The onlye thinge nat movinge
Was my litel woolen hatte


Ich was of three myndes
Lyke a haberdassheres stalle
On the which do hange III litel woolen hattes


My woolen hatte flewe off yn the wynde,
Alack! That hatte was ful wel expensif.


A gentil and a churl
Are one.
A gentil and a churl and a litel woolen hatte
Are one.


Ich ne knowe nat which to prefer,
The beautee of sentence
Or the beautee of solaas,
The litel woolen hatte being put on
Or just aftir.


Isekeles did fille the greate wyndow
Wyth glas rough and ungentil.
The shadwe of the woolen hatte
Dyd crosse yt, hider and thider.
The hattes wearer
Traced yn the frost
A vers aboute a kankedort.


O thin men of the Guildhall
Wherfor thynke ye upon golden hattes?
Marken ye nat how the litel woolen hatte
Suited ys ful wel
For a cold daye?


Ich knowe of noble romaunces
And fayre, delitable vers yn heigh style,
Yet eke wel Ich knowe
That the litel woolen hatte ys woven up
Yn what Ich knowe.


Whanne the litel woolen hatte was loste,
Yt marked the beginninge
Of anothir chidinge by Philippa.


At the sighte of litel woolen hattes
On the heades of tale-telling pilgrims
Even John Gower
Wolde crye out sharplye.


He walkid alle arounde London
Yn uncomfortable shoon
Oones, a great thirste took hym
Yn that he mistook
The shadwe of hys woolen hatte
For a barrel of ale.


The river ys movinge
Let nat the hatte falle off of the syde of the ferryboate.


Yt was Aprille alle afternoon
And ther felle soote shoures
To percen the droghte.
The woolen hatte
Sat upon myn heade.

16 comment "XIII Wayes of Regardinge a Litel Woolen Hatte"

  1. NOthing clever to say: just yeay, love this.

  2. Bweeee! Thyn versicle vppon Philippa's chyding made muchel laughyng burst fram myn lippes and gave grete startlement vnto min cattes.

    Truely, all thyn poesie sendeth me ynto a swoon of love-longyng as hath not been sene synce the daies of Troylus & Cressyde.

    Maistre Galfridus, thou rulest (in ever-ilke fashion that been yn no waye treasounant vnto thyn Most Puissant Kynge, verily)!

    Ich remayne, yn all adoracioun, thyn grete admirour,


  3. Took me back to two great semesters with Professor H.O.White at Boston University as he led his graduate students into GC's works. What a trip that was.

    Enjoyed the little woolen hat and it's excursion.

  4. Glad I still have a functioning RSS feed reader, I might not have seen this for weeks or months. Always a pleasure to see "*Geoffrey Chaucer Hath* A... (1)" show up. Yay!

  5. A wonder and a marvel! Delightful!

  6. This is absolutelee wonderfulle. It maketh mee enormouslie happe. Mercee for deciding to wryte these blogges (and thees poeme in particulier) and for doing it swych excellentlee!


  7. Awesome blog! I remember reading Troilus and Criseyde when I was younger. The copy I read had the older english along side the modern. It was an amazing read.

  8. For thine excellent poesy this day I dub thee Emperor of Ice-Cream.

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