Maken Melodye on Whan That Aprille Day

Maken Melodye on Whan That Aprille Day


Yt doth fill my litel herte wyth gret happinesse to invyte yow to a moost blisful and plesinge event.

On the first daye of Aprille, lat us make tyme to take joye yn alle langages that are yclept ‘old,’ or ‘middel,’ or ‘auncient,’ or ‘archaic,’ or, alas, even ‘dead.’ 

Thys feest shal be callid ‘Whan That Aprille Daye.’ 

Ich do invyte yow to joyne me yn a celebracioun across the entyre globe of the erthe. Yn thys celebracioun we shal reade of oold bokes yn sondrye oold tonges. Eny oold tonge will do, and eny maner of readinge. All are welcome. 

Ye maye, paraventure, wisshe to reade from the beginning of my Tales of Caunterburye, but ye maye also wisshe to reade of eny oothir boke or texte or scroll or manuscript that ye love. Ye maye even reade the poetrye of John Gower yf that ys yower thinge. 

What are sum wayes to celebrate Whan That Aprille Daye?

Gentil frendes, yf yt wolde plese yow to celebrate Whan That Aprille Daye, ye koude...

• Maken a video of yowerself readinge (or singinge!) and share yt on the grete webbe of the internette.

• Yf ye tweete, sende tweetes wyth the haschetagge #whanthataprilleday

• Make sum maner of cake or pastrye wyth oold wordes upon yt, and share yt wyth good folke and share pictures of yower festivitee.

• Yf ye be bold, ye maye wisshe to share yower readinge yn publique, yn a slam of poesye or a nighte of open mic. 

• Yf ye worke wyth an organisatioun or scole, ye maye wisshe to plan sum maner of event, large or smal, to share writinge yn oold langages.

What ys the poynte of Whan That Aprille Daye?

Ower mission ys to celebrate al the langages that have come bifor, and alle their joyes and sorrowes and richesse.

Ower mission ys to remynde folk of the beautye and grete lovelinesse of studyinge the wordes of the past. And eke ower mission ys to bringe to mynde the importaunce of supportinge the scolership and labour that doth bringe thes wordes to us. To remynde folk to support the techinge of paleographye and of archival werke and eek, ywis, the techinge of thes oold langages. To remynde folk of the gret blisse and joye of research libraryes. For wythout al of thes, the past wolde have no wordes for us. 

Ower mission ys also to have ynogh funne to last until next Whan That Aprille Daye. 

Note that thys event doth also coincide wyth Aprille Fooles Daye, the which ys fyne by cause we do love thes langages and alle who love are yn sum maner also fooles. 

Ich do hope wyth al myn herte that that sum of yow good folke will joyne me on thys April first for readinge and celebratinge and foolinge. Lat us maken melodye. 

8 Responses to "Maken Melodye on Whan That Aprille Day"

  1. Thine idea maketh myne hart gladde. Ich wil rede fromme Boccacio and harken to a madrygale.
    Yt wil be better thanne wrappynge the seate of the toylette yn Saranne, whych was the olde way.

  2. #aprille might be neater as a hashtag

  3. On 1 Aprille inne Canberra, the capital of the Grete Suthren Londe, membres of the classe of the Universite of the Thridde Age, yclept 'Chaucer -The Rode to Caunterburie' wel rede Troilus and Criseyde and heere Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote reden in Mittel Englissh.
    And eek we wol maken melodye with auncient musik from Hildegard von Bingen and newe musik from Baba Brinkman.

  4. I ken wel thatt a mistresse in thys my studium generale willeth that hir studentes that are ycomen to lok att howe childer can nat rede as welle in theyr Englishhe tonge - that whiche is ycelpt Dyslexia - shall lok at orthographies past and presnet upon that daye. For me, I shall require myn owne studentes to herken unto mee in Olde and Middle Englishhe for that same purpose and for myne owne delighte at shewing off.

  5. It's only because we love this so that we can mash it up en ronde....

  6. Thys blog doth fille my herte with solas!