Oh newfanglenesse! Y have learned the privitees of the manye abbreviaciouns ywritten on the internette. OMG: "oh mine ++DOMINUS++". ROFL: "rollinge on the floore laughinge". IRL: "in reale lyfe." WTF: "whatte the swyve?"
Beinge somethinge of an innovator myselfe, Y presente to yow, churles and gentils alle, the followynge abbreviaciouns. May they serven yow welle in your internette communicacioun:

GP: gentil person
WC: woole customes
XC: Exchequer
BATJG: biggere arsehole thanne john gowere
BSL!: by seinte loy!
OTPBRB: Offe to parliamente, be ryghte back
SNAPFU - BYXCA: supposedely nyce annuitie paymente fuckede uppe by the XC againe
KRBMA: Kynge Richarde II buggynge me againe
AOMSHJDOTBD: anothere of myne servauntes hath just dyede of the blacke death
EISBYMIWATCHDNSTHD: eftsoon I shall be ycleped mad if worke atte the customes house doth not settle the helle downe

(recopyede from Januarie XXVII, MMVI)

9 comment "abbreviaciouns"

  1. Lady Bracknell is delighted to discover that the estimable Mr Chaucer is engaged in writing a blog couched in language which gives her own humble scribblings the appearance of being at the cutting edge of linguistic modernity.

    Her ladyship was much amused by this entry, although her grammatical pedantry will not permit her to refrain from pointing out that what Mr Chaucer has referred to as "abbreviaciouns" would, in point of fact, be more accurately described as, "acronyms".

    Lady Bracknell's blog contains a link to that of Mr Chaucer. Unfortunately, the link is to the earlier version. Lady Bracknell will instruct her editor to rectify this error as soon as she can be spared from her other duties.

  2. Ma Cher Madame Braqnelle,

    Certes, yowre spellynge and worde ordere ben al of the newe jet - verye fashionable. Muchel thonke for yowr attencioun and yowr lynke. Whanne myn webmayster Adam Lynkferste getteth arounde to yt, ich shal hauen a 'blogrolle' vpon whiche I shall listen thyn page.

    Ich sholde reymnden yow, tho, thatte the fyrste attestede use of the worde acronyme in Englisshe is from the yeere 1943. Eek also thsat wordes suche as CLUU (clarissimum virorum) & ILD (in loco diuino) aren callede abbreviaciouns on myn Englysshe.

    In amore et grammatica

    Le Vostre


  3. Lady Bracknell is indebted to the charming Mr Chaucer both for his kind intentions regarding a putative link to her own blog, and for so gently pointing out the error in her previous comment.

    She is humbled to be in the presence of so erudite a scholar.

  4. Ima stunned! You are indeed the father of 4dooery!

  5. 'Ich sholde reymnden yow, tho, thatte the fyrste attestede use of the worde acronyme in Englisshe is from the yeere 1943.' - GC

    The fyrste attestede use of the worde 'wanker' is from the year 1950, bot thatte has nat stopped yow usyng yt, mayster Chaucer!

  6. An acronym is an abbreviation that can be pronounced as a word of its own, hence the nym. For instance SNAFU is pronounced snafoo whereas should anyone be able to effectively pronounce EISBYMIWATCHDNSTHD I shall be dead impressed.

  7. anonyme, I believe the Welsh will have little trouble with that term's pronunciation...

  8. Y nolde thoght hat a man lyke Mr. Chaucer wolde gyve en. He semed to be an innovator (as he sede). Thogh nowe he has abaundouned the usen of proper langage. Y seye that thou hast become lazy Mr. Chaucer.


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