BSL! It semeth Maister Gower hath discovered the privitees of myne blog, and that same lewede foole hath rede of all the thynges I saie ayeinst hym. For thys morninge he sente me the followinge lettere:

Mon Cher G,
Pour me insulter sur l'internette est l'accion d'une tresdishonorable homme. Jeo vais removere tout mencion de toi de mon tresbon oeuvre la confessio d'une amante. Et nolo tecum cenare veneris die. 

Notte to mencion thatte Y have alwayes been very pleasaunte unto yow and nowe you rewarde me with thys? I will staye in myne monastic celle and weepe for oure freindshippe.

-A bettere and more gentil G

Whatte a showe-offe. He kan be a drama queene in thre languages!

(recopyed from Februarie XX, MMVI)